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AgSmart UAV is an Ashburton based drone company offering Aerial Spraying, Topdressing and Seeding services to the Agricultural sector, combined with Lidar and Photogrammetry services to the Survey Industry.

Managing Director & Chief Pilot Vaughan Ward was born and raised in Mid Canterbury and knows the district well. Most of his working life was in the manufacturing sector, with a shift to irrigation and Power Generation water supply management in 2014.

Remote controlled aircraft had always been an interest, and as drone technology developed, it seemed a natural progression, so a small mapping Drone was purchased, and the journey began in 2016.

The idea of being able to offer unique solutions to the agricultural sector was the next concept. Agsmart UAV was founded in 2019 and our first Ag drone was purchased. 

After obtaining CAA part 102 certification in 2019 and running Agsmart UAV on a part time basis, the move to full time was made in 2022 and the business has grown to where it is today, offering a range of UAV services to a variety of customers.


Vaughan Ward


"We used the drone to spray areas that we cannot reach in our spray truck.  Vaughan is really easy to work with, we explained where we wanted sprayed, and he got the job done.  Highly recommended."

"Vaughan at Agsmart UAV has been drone spraying our waterways and wetlands areas for the last three years. The drone is an exceptional piece of equipment allowing for target weed spraying in the waterways and of recent target spraying of gorse and blackberry in our developing wetland areas. Vaughan is a highly skilled operator, and I would recommend his service."

"AgSmart UAV have provided an excellent service of aerial spraying, especially in woodlot establishment. With any sensitive boundaries or difficult areas for helicopters to effectively manage Vaughan was the first call made. It has made a significant difference in the outcome of our forests."

"I contracted Vaughan from AgSmart UAV in my previous position as Area Supervisor of River Engineering at Environment Canterbury. We required precision spraying of approximately 500km of spring-fed drains for the control of aquatic plants to prevent flooding. The competency of Vaughan was high level with all our needs being met. Vaughan was able to provide us with up-to-date records of where had been sprayed and how much spray had been used. The accuracy of his record management was what made him stand out as a contractor. Vaughan pioneered the use of spraying the drains using his drone at a time when we were grappling with restricted access. Access to the drains was not always practical due to some farming operations such as crop planting to the edges of the stream, or access to properties being restricted due to the threat of spreading Mycoplasma Bovis. The use of the drone eliminated the need to have clear access where it wasn’t possible, and we were able to spray the drains during times when we wouldn’t have been able to otherwise."

"Being an “oversized lifestyle block” fattening beef cattle, every inch of the winter feed crop we grow is valuable and essential. Having AgSmart UAV spread fertiliser on the crop using a drone means that no wheel marks occur to reduce the plant population. The application is extremely accurate and very cost effective."

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